Holiday Helpers

Susanna Hill has presented another writing opportunity with her 10th annual Holiday Contest. This will be my third year to enter. Thank you to Susanna and the generous prize donors and judges for making this possible. It’s always motivating and so fun to see what everyone comes up with. This year we are to write a story (250 words or less) about a Holiday Helper. So here is my take on the prompt:

Christmas Cupids                                        (246 words)
By Jill Lambert
“I’m sick of this virus! No parties, no friends!”
Dad looked up and sighed, “Rae, we all hope it ends.”
“It’s taking too long, Dad, and Mom’s always gone!”
“It can’t be helped, Sweetheart. Now isn’t school on?”
Slowly I slid myself out of the chair,
but paused when an ad on TV made me stare.
I noticed a number for Health Hero Hotline.
My mom is a doctor--that Health Hero’s mine!            
I opened my tablet and tapped to launch Zoom.
Ms. West’s friendly face soon appeared in the room.
One by one, classmates began to pop in,
expecting to see morning meeting begin.
First came reminders of work that was due. 
Ms. West confessed that she’d been feeling blue. 
Some students chimed in that they felt the same way.
I shared how my mom worked long hours each day.
“What could we do as a class to bring cheer
and spread Christmas love at this time of the year?”
“Let’s help healthcare workers! They all are so tired.”
We each wrote a thank you we hoped was inspired.
I mentioned the hotline would let us record
our notes in our voices. Ms. West was on board,
with gift cards from teachers who made a donation.
Stickers conveyed the hotline information.
Later that week, when my mom came home late,
she told me our messages made them feel great.
Every recording soared straight to the heart.
Our class Christmas cupids took aim and took part.


I am a picture book writer for children.

26 thoughts on “Holiday Helpers

  1. I just read your comment Jill. 😄 I read another entry with a hotline too. I think that will be popular this contest. This entry is so special as it sums up this year and giving back to healthcare workers ❤. Good luck!

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  2. What a great way to combine holiday helpers with the current pandemic/pandemonium. And what a great idea to carry out in real life! Good luck Jill!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, I have heard of the Healthcare Hotline! Love that you wove a story around it! And focusing on positivity, we need this now. You were inspired, love it!

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