Spring Fling Kidlit-2022

It’s another burst of spring creativity, sponsored by Ciara O’Neal and Kaitlyn Sanchez. Many thanks to them, the judges, and the generous prize donors. So many wonderful entries already!

How to Father Fledglings                         (149 words)

As a mother, I’m too busy 
with a new brood in the nest.
I expect, as my replacement, 
that you'll try to do your best.

Now address your fledglings, Papa: 
"Ok, listen up now, children. 
Let's go. Hustle! Move your feet!”

Time to teach the art of flying,
though their feathers are brand new.
One of them just cleared the grass, 
barely made it...what a crew!

Can you demonstrate by flitting 
back and forth between the trees?
Uh-oh! Now they all are whining,
“We are starving! Feed us, please!”

Now's the perfect time to coach them
 how to search and catch some worms.
They must learn the kind of grip 
to tug a worm out if it squirms.

I am sure that you're exhausted
and deserve some nest time, too.
Maybe they'll be independent 
by the time our next brood's due! 


I am a picture book writer for children.

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