Fall Writing Frenzy

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted here, but woohoo, Fall Writing Frenzy has arrived! Many thanks to Kaitlyn Sanchez, Lydia Lukidis, and Ameerah Holliday for hosting this inspiring contest and to all the generous prize donors for their support. Here is my entry:

Halloween- Credit: Danielle Rae
Scarecrow Success
 By Jill Lambert   (197 words)     

When leaves turn red, I’m stuck out here
beside the mailbox, like last year.
There’s not a single crow around, 
but I’m prepared if one swoops down.

This is boring. What to do?
When mail arrives, should I shout, “BOO?”
That would prove I’ve got the stuff
out in the field to call their bluff.

Through his years of faithful service
no one’s seen our mailman nervous.
Stinging wasps and barking dogs
don’t deter his catalogs.

Wait! I hear a VROOM, then SCREECH.
Now the mail truck’s within reach. 
Wondering, will he deliver?
So excited that I shiver!

I see him pause to take a sip--
something pink is on his lip.
I shout, “BOO!” Mouth’s open wide.
He jerks his hand back, petrified.

Letters fly. He chokes and squawks.
The milkshake coats the neighbor’s box.
What a riot! I am grinning.
Suddenly, the mail truck’s spinning.

Bug-eyed, gawking in his mirror--
maybe I appear much nearer.
Now he’s weaving down the street
in a terrified retreat.

Ooh, that booing caused a stir.
I’m no scarecrow amateur!
In the future he’ll avoid
979. I’m overjoyed!

Yes, success! Do you suppose…
I can spook a mob of crows?


I am a picture book writer for children.

22 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy

  1. Thanks for your writings. I am sure children will enjoy the suspense. I loved the way the Scarecrow depicts his adventure with the mailman. The ending is contemplating what is next. Keeps you guessing.


  2. It’s nice to see your stories again, Jill. This was so funny 😆. Your story matched this picture so perfectly. An unique perspective and a clever story. I really enjoyed it. My oldest is into playing tricks right now. I will definitely read him this one. Good luck! So much fun to read this one.


  3. Pretty funny that your comment section is in the form of a letter! This was a fun read, but now who is going to deliver the responses now? LOL. Good luck!


  4. The residents will wonder why their mail is covered in milkshake. I’m sure the mail person doubled back to make the delivery, they never fail, you know! Challenge accepted, pumpkin! –Melisa Wrex @mowrex (Twitter)


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