It’s Halloweensie Time!

Susanna Leonard Hill hosts the best writing contests! Her Halloweensie contest is ten years old this year and was the first one I entered. It is a challenge coming up with something funny or spooky in 100 words or less. Last year, I placed in the top ten with my story, Tacky Trick! This year, we had to include the words skeleton, creep, and mask in our tale. Here’s my entry:

Halloween Haul       (100 words)
Something’s creeping up the walk.
See it stalk! Can it talk? 
Something’s creeping up the walk. 
What can it be?
Skeleton’s completely bone, 
all alone, hear it moan.
Skeleton’s completely bone,
passes the tree.
Hurry up! Slam the door, 
hit the floor. Furthermore,
hurry, don a mask before    
Bones rings the bell.
Ding-dong, very near,
knows you’re here. Disappear!
Ding-dong, very near.
“What’s that smell?”
Chocolate’s what it wants,
why it haunts. My response?
Chocolate’s what it wants?
“Here, have it all!”
Bag’s full, turns to go,
now I know, not my foe.
Bag’s full, turns to go,
Halloween haul!

I’m excited to read what others submit. There is so much creativity out there! Have a safe and spooky Halloween everyone!


I am a picture book writer for children.

42 thoughts on “It’s Halloweensie Time!

  1. This is amazing! Love how you use the rhyme and rhythm to give the poem variations in movement and suspense. Fantastic word choices, and rhyming wants and response is so great! Best of luck!


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